I was in the Middle East, sweating from the scorching heat when I made the decision it was time for a change. 

After spending my entire life pursuing success, as it had been defined to me by others, I found I was completely unfulfilled and battling a moral conflict between my work and my beliefs. I spent six years ascending the corporate ladder, creating international business opportunities for the oil and gas industry, but the void between my purpose and work had never been greater.  

As a child, I was always 100 times more interested in building the perfect bike ramp than actually jumping it. I would look at things and immediately try to deconstruct and reconstruct them in my head. I was the only one of my friends with a shed full of saws, drills, clamps and lumber. I've always been a builder and creator, but I never thought this passion could morph into my livelihood. With the support of family and friends who recognized my passion, a new business was born.

CutChopServe was founded in 2017 with the core mission of being an environmentally friendly, sustainably run company that has a positive influence on the surrounding community. We focus on connecting supply chains to eliminate the disposal of felled hardwood lumber in and around Charlotte, NC that would otherwise be converted to waste. We then 'up-cycle' this rescued lumber and give it a second life. 

Carpenter Cutting Wood